Why would I want to do a course?!

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Well there is no simple answer to that one! Every single person should do a course for a different reason- to get out of the house, to up-skill, to get a job, to learn about something that they have never experienced before or even to make new friends. For some, it is easy to pick up the phone to see what we have available for them, and for some that can be the hardest part. I can assure anyone who contacts us about courses that we will take the time to meet you and to see what we can offer you- as a person and not as a faceless student. We have a Guidance Counsellor based in the building who can meet you if our courses are not for you but then again with courses ranging from reading and writing to Level 6 Awards for supervisors- there is a high chance that we will have a course to suit. Once a person starts they worry that they can’t do it… that is natural! It takes our students time to BECOME a student and then they can start to learn what they need to for their classes. Coming back to education is a really exciting and scary thing to do for most, luckily everyone here is, or has been, in that situation so the understanding is there with your classmates. The staff and co-ordinators have lots of experience to support you through that time. Just pick up the phone and see what might be a fit for you!

sarah longworth