Student Profile: Eamonn Murphy

For years I had been thinking about going back to education. Only fear stopped me from doing so and work. Leaving school at an early age left me wondering “what if” and “but”. They are the biggest words in the dictionary.

I often wondered if I had stayed, what life would have been like. I did not enjoy my time at school. But now at school, life is a whole new world: different time and different place. The teachers in Wicklow Further Education and Training Centre are more understanding in their way of teaching. 

Education is a powerful thing. One thing I always say to young people is to stay at school and get an education because you will need it later in life.

The first morning I walked through that door to go back to school I felt sick with nerves. Not knowing what to expect in class was very difficult. People sometimes ask me what I’m doing and I say I’ve gone back to school. I’m so glad that I’ve taken this step. 

So, the two biggest words in the dictionary are “if” and “but”. Two words I don’t worry about anymore. I just worry about the next task I am given in school and deal with it as it comes.


Wicklow FETC